​      Step 1                Step 2                  Step 3                    Step 4                    Step 5

Choose your Base      Choose your Protein     Choose your Sides        Choose your Sauce       Choose your Toppings

        White Rice                Ahi (Raw)                 Imitation Crab                House Aioli                    Sesame Seeds   

     Brown Rice                   Tofu                       Avocado ($1)              Wasabi Dressing             Seaweed Salad  

​    Organic Salad             Shrimp                      Cucumber                   Sweet Hawaiian                     Ginger  

​      Half & Half             Seafood Combo         Sweet Corn                 Cilantro Avocado                       Nori 

        Nachos             (Calamari, Mussels, Shrimp)           Carrots                    Spicy Pepper Aioli               Green Onion  

We suggest All the Sides and All the Toppings

Now Serving Rice Ramen & Yakisoba Noodle, Miso Soup: $7.95

​Our Miso Ramen Bowls can come with all the Toppings and Sides Listed Above

                                    Fresh Juices - $4.95       ​                         

​   Fresh Pineapple                             Fresh Mango                                 Fresh Watermelon              

Other Items:        Miso Soup $2.95            Soda /Coffee/ Tea $2.50           Double The Protein $3.00             


Now Delivering With DoorDash           Please Add $2.00 to our Bowls if Ordering Through DoorDash

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Ahi Tuna, Shrimp, Seafood Combination Bowls- $11.95                              Tofu & Half Bowls: $8.95